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  Remember Stalag XVII-B in 1943 - 1944 - 1945  


Remembering our past Reunion
Last April 30th thru May 3rd, 2007
Hotel Arizona, Tucson, Arizona


Approximately 174 people, 62 of them former internees of Stalag XVIIB, gathered in Tucson for their annual reunion co-chaired by Vince and Marge Pale.
 Registration started on Monday, April 30th along with the opening of the hospitality room. The majority of the people had registered that day and mingled with friends at the large round tables enjoying snacks and drinks.
      The lanyards that were given out which said Kriegie Kids salute the Ex-Kriegies were donated with the manufacturer paying half and Marti Burch paying the balance. The ditty bags that day were filled by Connie Kyle and what she had brought to the reunion. Of course Virginia Lehmann was there every day selling the fifty-fifty tickets. Doris Jenks was there and helped many people with questions that they had convincing one man he did not need a $200.00 a month supplement.

       Monday night the Board of Directors held their meeting and in keeping within the law set forth by the Internal Revenue letter stating that 90 percent of the membership had to be the veteran, in order to keep our 501 status, revised the bylaws so that only actual internees will be members and have voting privileges. All widows, next of kin and anyone interested, who is sponsored by an internee, may upon contribution of $20.00 per year receive the newsletter and roster.
       Tuesday saw many people sitting around the hospitality room chatting about old times. Annie Caruso even though she could not make it, had sent the photo albums she had for all to look at. Also Joe Mark Ortiz and Amy Gulseth had made excellent copies of Kriegie Memories and gave them to any one who wanted them. An excellent copy, clearer than some originals. Tuesday evening was the reception for Commander.
       Wednesday was more of the same sitting and chatting with the memorial service held that afternoon. After the service the men had their group picture taken and individual pictures of those in different barracks. After the memorial service Doris Jenks gave a very informational talk to all of the ladies in attendance as to what they need to get their DIC and other pertinent information. Wednesday evening (due to a fire at the theatre) our dinner theatre was held at the hotel with dinner and the show being there. A delightful mystery theatre presentation.
       Thursday morning was the annual business meeting with the minutes of prior meeting, treasurer report and board meeting minutes being read and accepted.
       Tracy Jackson read a letter from Janet Larocco about getting the men to send in a piece about their service time and photos and that she would make a CD of it all. Anyone interested should contact Tracy Jackson at 6002 Meade Court, Harrisburg, PA 17112-8532 or phone 717-526-4393. Thanks given to Doris Jenks and Les Jackson for all they do for the POW’s. Letters were read that had been received, with one being from Ned Handy with a donation of $500.00 to the organization and one from Annie Caruso saying the photos would be there even though she couldn’t. Motion made to pay Connie Kyle $100.00 for her expenses in taking the many pictures and giving them to the men and ladies. Motion passed and then Stoop Morrissey and Bob Baker came forward and gave the $100.00 for her. Motion made to pay Roy Livingstone $240.00 for the yearly website fee, motion passed. (later that day Tina Geary (daughter of Joe Ortiz) donated the $240.00 for that expense.)
  The following slate of officers were presented: Commander: Edward Dostie,
Vice Commander: Joseph C. Ortiz, Adjutant/Treasurer: Lydia Dostie, Northeast Director: Vincent Pale, Southeast Director: Robert Hulsey, Northwest Director: Jack Jones, Southwest Director: Lucien Bergez, Elected as presented.
       Discussion on where to hold the reunion next year. It came down to between St. Paul, MN and Tucson again. It will be held at the same place, Hotel Arizona in Tucson as it was this year with Vince and Marge Pale co-chairs.
         Thursday evening was the banquet with Chief Master Sgt. Benjamin Hoover as the speaker. Honor Guard for posting of colors by four air force members from Davis Monthan Air Force Base. During the evening drawings were made for the fifty-fifty with the following seven people winning $100.00 each:
Rose Mary Teaford, C. Norman Gustafson, M. E. Bence, Tina Geary, Fred Rosenkoff, Carl Hitchcock and Robert E. Baker. Tom Allen, son of Ed and Shirley Allen, donated several beautiful silver clocks with the wording Stalag XVII-B Ex-POW Reunion, Tucson, AZ, May 2007, and some travel bags that were raffled off. The names drawn for the clocks were only names of the XVIIB internees. And as always Ray Elias made his usual donation, this year it was several pieces of jewelry that were given away at the banquet.

       Vince Pale had again this year made the center pieces with eight American flags and the evening ended with everyone raising their flags and singing of God Bless America.

       During the convention the Kriegie Kids kept the hospitality room filled with snacks and drinks. They did all the running to the stores, and paying for whatever needed to be bought over and above what was in the donation jar.

      Another great reunion.

      Thanks to all who helped in whatever way.

By our Adjutant, Lydia Dostie