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 World War II - U.S. Air Force Veterans - Stalag XVII-B Memoriam

Kenneth Rose

    Memorial service for Kenneth Rose, husband of Patty Rose, of our Impeerial Chapter will be held at all Saints Episcopal Church at 202 S Massachusetts Street Lakeland Florida at `1:00 pm Saturday January 3 2009.  Your presence is requested.

Rose Mary Edwards


Earnest “Gene” Rucker 85, of Clearwater, died on December 14, 2008 at home under the care of Hospice.  He was a WWII POW veteran serving with 101st Airborne.  Served on D-Day and was 3 time Purple Heart recipient and was awarded 2 Bronze Stars.  Lifetime DAV member, he was a Mason for 45 years, Lodge 127 F&AM.  He retired from the Clearwater Fire Department after 27 years of service.  Survivors include wife of 62 years, Betty; son, Don; daughter Connie Carpenter; 6 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; 3 brothers, Merle, Ralph, and Bill, all of Ohio; sister, Opal Petry, West Virginia.  Visitation will be at Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home on Wednesday, Dec. 17 from 6-8 pm, with service on Thursday, Dec. 18 at 2 pm.

Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home

Clearwater 727-796-1992

View Guest Book at


We suggest that you make copies of this every year so that you can keep an updated copy, and/or for those who don't use a computer. (10/22/07)
(To send corrections/changes please contact Adjutant of Stalag XVII-B  Lydia Dostie:




Abbott, Orville

Abbott, William H

Acridge, Leroy H.

Adams, Earl

Adams, Robert

Agee, George C.

Albares, Vernon

Alderman, R. James

Aldrich, Dale W.

Aldrich, Francis E.

Alexander, Douglas W.

Alexenberg, Roland

Alfonsi, Michael J.

Alford, Joel M

Alford, Ralph H.

Alfter, Glen E.

Allan, William

Allen, Andrew L.

Allen, Edward L  Sr.

Allen, George W.

Allin, Robert L.

Allison, Horace L.

Allred, James E.

Allred, Joe

Allred, John

Almon, Harley J.

Almquist, Reuben B.

Alsheimer, Albert

Altizer, Robert C.

Alton, Donald M.

Amrey, Jack S.

Ammerman, Floyd B.

Anderson, Amos J.

Anderson, Francis D.

Anderson, George L.

Anderson, John S.



Anderson, Joseph W.

Anderson, Lawrence R.

Anderson, Vernon

Anerson, Arlie

Aney, William C.

Angarano, Daniel

Anson, Edward E.

Antonacchio, Felix A.

Apple, Gerald E.

Arck, William Sr.

Arndt, Albert A.

Arneson, Arlie

Arnold, Everett C.

Ashbaugh, Charles S.

Ashley, Henry C.

Atkins, James A.

Atkins, Lloyd D.

Atkinson, Robert V.

Auchu, Alfred

Austin, Stanley J.

Aye, Fred L.




Badeaux, Milton J.

Baer, Alton Jr.

Bagdonas, Joseph J.

Bagley, William C.

Bagwell, Lewis E.

Baiano, Charles

Bailey, James D.

Baker, Archie M.

Baker, Squire

Baker, John E.

Baker, Paul E.



Baker, William F.

Balentine, William C.

Ballard, Howard W.

Balmer, Carroll

Balvia, James O.

Banakos, Nicolas

Barber, Clifton R.

Barnett, George V.

Barr, James, B.

Barrett, Franklin G.

Barrett, Jack C.

Barrett, Joseph A.

Barthelmy, Theodore F.

Batson, James D.

Bauch, Arthur

Baudoin, John B.

Bays, T. J.

Bazar, Cecil F.

Bean, Fenton H.

Beane, Hershel K., Sr.

Beasley, Cheter J.

Beasley, Marvin J.

Beaumont, Fred H.

Becay, Frank J., Jr.

Beck, Lester A.

Beck, Robert B.

Becker, Robert W.

Beckham, A. C.

Beckham, Rodric

Bedard, Lucien

Belcher, Amon

Belknap, Robert G.

Bell, Hugh B.

Belansky, George

Belmar, Charles M.

Benigno, Benedetto J.


Benjamin, Ralph E.

Benner, Donald C.

Bennett, Clyde M.

Bennett, Frank

Bennett, Joseph A.

Bennett, Havey

Bennett, Harold

Bennett, Leo Dean

Bennett, Lloyd

Bennett, Vernon

Berg, Robert C.

Bergendahl, Robert E.

Bergeron, Albert G.

Bernhelmy, Theodore, F.

Berry, James L.

Benner, Donald C.

Bennett, Clyde M.

Bennett, Frank

Bennett, Joseph A.

Bennett, Havey

Bennett, Vernon

Berg, Robert C.

Bergeron, Albert g.

Bernhelmy, Theodore, F.

Bernard, George F.

Berry, James, L.

Bertagnoli, William I.

Berthold, Walter

Beseda, John F.

Besse, Robert W.

Bessett, Henry E.

Bhame, William H.

Bianchi, Leo J.

Bickford, Robert L.

Biddle, Loran C.

Bidlack, Clarence R.


Biernake, Joseph

Bigelow, E. Lee

Bigelow, George, E.

Biggs, Clarence H.

Biggs, Donald

Binnebose, William H.

Birkley, Roy E.

Bitton, Clinton L.

Bixler, Robert L.

Black, Jake O.

Black, Roger D.

Blackburn, George W.

Blackwell, Charles E.

Blair, Thomas E.

Blaisdell, James E.

Blake, Harold L.

Blanch, Bernard J.

Blanchard, Roger

Blanton, Joseph W.

Blatchford, Samuel N.

Blauer, John C.

Blazek, Frank

Bloesser, William J.

Bloshko, William N.

Bloxom, James M.

Blum, Adolf

Boase, Phileas A.

Bochat, Howard H.

Bodnar, Stephen J.

Boershinger, Myron F.

Bolgaholz, Harry

Bolig, Charles A.

Bollinger, Percy G.

Bolton, Willis E.

Bomberger, Arthur B.

Bondarek, Adolph J.


Booker, Joseph A.

Booth, John A.

Borelli, Joseph C.

Boren, Millard A.

Borostowski, Benedict

Bosworth, Benjamin

Bourguignon, Wendall

Bousquet, Francis J.

Bowles, F. Douglas

Bowman, Guy A.

Boyer, Bill W.

Bradley, James F.

Bragdon, George H.

Bragg, Alfred J.

Bramer, Jesse L.

Brandenburg. John H.

Bray, Robert S.

Brazic, Peter R., Sr.

Breckenridge, Charles

Breeden, Evert L.

Breeze, Malcom K.

Brennan, Joseph C.

Brennan, William M.

Brewer, Robert W.

Bridges, Robert

Bridges, Robert C.

Brinker, Jerald, F.

Britt, Julian

Brittain, Benjamin

Brock, Howard J.

Brodsky, Robert B.

Brofford, Louis

Brokke, Charles F

Brooke, Curtis O.

Brooks, Cecil L.

Brooks, Raymond S.

Browchuk, John

Brown, Curtis

Brown, Douglas W.

Brown, Gideon A.

Brown, Harold C.

Brown, John G.

Brown, John J.

Brown, Louis L.

Brown, Olin E.

Brown, Tommie L.

Brown, William

Brown, William D.

Browne, Donald

Browning, Charlton K.

Brown, William R.

Browning, Ralph A.

Broyles, Harold D.

Brucker, Noble W.

Bruckler, Joseph

Brumbeau, Travis D.

Brummal, Edward M.

Brunker, B. Raleigh

Brynes, Thomas A.

Bryson, Robert C.

Bucheri, Sebastian

Buck, Edwin A.

Buckley, Anthony L.

Buckingham, Frederick P.

Buford, John L.

Bulford, Edwin E.

Bullard, Joe A.

Bunch, Amos, Jr.

Bunn, Harlan D., Jr.

Burdell, Milton

Burke, Raymond F.

Burkey, Boyd C.

Burlingham, Edward C.

Burns, Byron J.

Burke, Francis

Burke, Walter

Burkey, Boyd C.

Burlingham, Edward C.

Burnes, Robert O.

Burnette, Joseph W.

Burns, Byron J.

Burns, H. Levi

Burton, Paul F.

Busacker, William F.

Buske, Raymond S.

Butler, Ralph P.

Bybee, Shelton C.

Byers, John F.




Cabral, Siegfried

Cabrera, Jessie

Cagle, John

Caine, William C.

Caldon, George J.

Caldwell, James J.

Callaway, Earl E.

Campbell, John P. Jr.

Campbell, T. L.

Cannon, Morris A.

Canora, David C.

Cantleberry, Lawrence

Capellos, James

Card, Emery W.

Cargill, Frank M.

Carlson, B. F.

Carlson, Donald H.

Carlson, Edwin L.

Carlson, Paul V.

Carrier, George T.

Canora, David C.

Carroll, Belmont D.

Carroll, Robert

Carson, Martin T.

Carter, Clarence W.

Carter, Milford E.

Carter, Paul N.

Carter, Richard R.

Case, Harry G.

Casebolt, William J.

Caskey, Paul

Cast, James L.

Caveny, Paul M.

Cavitt, Eugene W.

Ceatherly, Thad

Cerasaro, Matthew P.

Cgraggen, Robert W.

Chalker, Alfred C.

Chandler, U. M.

Chaney, John F.

Chapin, Glenn H.

Chapin, William P. G.

Chapman, John R.

Chapman, Raymond W.

Chapman, William W.

Champion, John G.

Chase, Glen W.

Chassaing, Joseph E.

Chatolan, Carl H.

Cheney, Guy P.

Chenoweth, Dwight H.

Chisholm, Louis D.

Chmielewski, Stanley

Choate, Roy C.

Churchill, William H.

Churma, John

Ciaccia, Leonard L.

Ciampa, Robert C.

Cicinelli, Salvatore J.

Cihonski, John L.

Cipriano, John S. Sr.

Ciurczak, Richard J.

Clark, Charles E.

Clark, Charles H.

Clark, Harold W.

Clark, Joseph M.

Clark, William P.

Clausen, Harold

Clayborne, Robert

Clayton, Lewis F.

Clemens, Porter D.

Clemente, James V.

Coates, Darrel W.

Cobb, Alvie

Coble, Bill J.

Cocklin, Homer J.

Cockrell, Claude E.

Coe, Jacque D.

Coffman, Beryl

Cofman, Harry D.

Colby, Richard

Cole, James E. II

Cole, William C.

Coleman, Emerson

Coley, Edward T.

Collias, Gust

Collier, Alton L.

Collins, E. John

Collins, John D.

Comeau, Philbet A.

Commins, Keith Casey

Conard, John A.

Congdon, Robert E.

Condry, Russel J.

Conklin, Richard A.

Conners, Roland W.

Connolly, Robert C.

Consoli, Vincent S.

Conte, Albert C.

Coody, Earl M.
Cooke, Harvey D.

Cook, James E.

Cook, Joseph J.

Cooper, Charles W.

Copeland, Milton B.

Copeman, James R.

Corcoran, Thomas E.

Corley, Jesse C.

Corley, Perry L.

Cornwell, Ralph

Corrigan, James L.

Costello, John J.

Cothran, Charles B.

Couselman, Francis M.

Courtright, W. Russell

Cowan, William F.

Cox, Herbert S.

Cox, Richard M.

Coyne, Harold E.

Crabb, William W.

Crain, Harry M.

Crain, Robert G.

Crawford, Earl G.

Crawford, Richard L.

Crawford, S. J.

Crawford, Walter

Creamer, Howard E.

Creekmore, William P.

Crews, Sherman A.

Crocker, Boyd C.

Cronk, James J.

Cromer, Harry D.

Crouthamel, Edward O.

Crow, Jerry A.

Crowley, William M.

Crull, Howard M.

Cullen, James J.

Culkin, Thomas P.

Cummings, Bernard L.

Cumpson, John A.

Cunningham, James W.

Cupett, Wayne

Curis, Theodore P.

Currie, Leon W.

Currie, Robert M.

Currin, Bernard W.

Curry, James L.

Curtis,  James H.

Curtis, Mark

Czygier, Theodore M.




Dabek, Wladyslaw C.

Dacus, Judson L.

Daigle, Joseph L.

Dailey, William F.

Dalessandris, Albert M.

Daly, Cyril J.

Daly, Francis M.

Daniel, Jesse L.

Daniels, Robert O.

Danneman, David D.

D’Arcy, Charles E. III

Dascoulias, Peter J

Dasher, Elwood B.

David, James W.

Davies, Charles R.

Davis, Arthur L.

Davis, David

Davis, David C

Davis, George

Davis, Hubert M.

Davis, James S.

Davis, Marcus K.

Davis, Preston A.

Davis, Ray W.

Davis, Robert M.

Davis, Smith J.

Davis, Warren F.

Day, Leonard F. Jr.

Dean, Frank D.

Dean, Robert J.

DeAngelo, John A.

DeBoer, Henry

Deese, James W.

DeFlorio, Daniel

DeGeorgio, Samuel W.

Dekle, Aubrey

Delmonte, Frank L

De Los Santos, Ernest

DeMario, Arthur J.

DeMarko, John A.

Dennison, Delzon L.

Dente, Anthony E.

DeRolf, Fred

Derouin, Joseph

DeSanto, Peter D.

Detweller, Kenneth K.

Devars, Deane J.

DeVaul, Edwin E.

DeVille, Milton J.

DeWolf, Fletcher M

DeWolf, Peter J.

Dickinson, Paul A.

Dideum, Clyde E.

Dillard, Joseph H.

DiRico, Joseph L.

Ditch, V. Howard

Doaks, William E.

Dobrinski, Gilbert C.

Dobrzanski, Joseph A.

Dodson, Loren E.

Doherty, John J.

Dolinka, Daniel

Dollar, Lynn C.

Domer, William F.

Domulevicz, Eugene

Donahue, Leo

Donaldson, James D.

Donelson, Lloyd G.

Donihoo, Royal V.

Donnellan, Francis X.

Doster, Jasper S.

Doubledee, William J.

Dougherty, Jackson

Dougherty, Ralph E.

Doumis, Gus

Doyle, Robert E.

Dreier, Charles

Drobinko, Gregory C.

Drozd, John S.

Drudge, Max U.

Dugan, Charles E.

Duncan, Lewis

Dunbar, William

Dunning, Henry L. Jr.

Dussault, Conrad E.

Dwyer, Robert E.

Dyer, Charles W.




Eanes, Paul M.

Earney, Howard A.

Easley, Joseph W.

Eatherly, John L.

Eaton, Charles T.

Eckard, Morris V.

Eckert, Marsh

Eckart, Carl J.

Edenholm, Herbert C.

Edinger, Charles A.

Edminton, Delbert E.

Ehmet, Clem C.

Eldrige, Russell H.

Elias, Raymond J.

Elkin, Charles A.

Elliot, Henry N.

Elliot, Wallace S.

Elsbery, John V.

Emmerich, Lloyd E.

Engberg, Eugene C.

Englehardt, Arthur J.

Erb, Arthur K.

Erdahl, Gerard C.

Erhard, Kenneth L.

Erickson, Harold O Jr.

Erickson, Richard H.

Ernst, Ralph C.

Eslick, Kenneth

Evans, Herman F.

Exelberth, Lester




Fahl, Earl C.

Farah, Abraham A.

Farrar, James B.

Farrington, Alfred S.

Farrington, Donald G.

Fatigati, Charles A.

Feese, Richard A.

Feest, Clarence R.

Fehr, Charles F.

Fellure, Robert W.

Ferens, Walter

Ferguson, Howard J.

Ferkauff, Oscar

Field, Lloyd E.

FiField, Lester Jr.

Figueroa, Pedro S.

Fincannon, William

Fligen, Kenneth P.

Fish, Edsel E.

Fisher, Robert W.

Fischer, Adam J.

Fitzgerald, James J.

Flanagan, Robert F.

Fleming, Michael J.

Flewell, Bert (RCAF)

Flint, Melton C.

Florio, Thomas

Floura, Cecil L.

Foley, John F.

Folk, Robert D.

Folsum, Lee A.

Fordyce, Ralph E.

Forney, Alvin O.

Forney, Norman E.

Fosdick, Richard r.

Foss, Frank

Foss, Lawrence A.

Fowler, Robert G.

Fox, Lloyd

Fox, Walter J.

Francis, Walter G.

Francisco, William O.

Frankenfield, James

Franklin, Jay M.

Fravega, Anthony T.

Freay, Harold L.

Freeborn, Joseph J.

Freshner, William L.

Friend, George H.

Frierson, William C.

Frieze, Everett E.

Fryer, Fred A.

Fugate, Corbet

Fuller, Clement M.

Fuller, Edward C.

Fulwiler, Harold D.

Furca, Walter W.

Furrey, Thomas E.




Gadouas, Edward L.

Gaide, Melvin E.

Gaitskill, David R.

Gallegos, Leo L.

Gallegos, Oscar C.

Galasso, Alfred P.

Galloway, Rolland

Gardin, Alfred A.

Gardner, Dan G

Garner, Stanley C.

Garret, Billy E.

Garrett, Clyde R.

Garrett, Donald

Garrett, Doyce C.

Garrett, Robert D.

Garris, Vern A.

Garrison, Allen H.

Gasser, Walter

Gates, James

Gattman, Charles C. Jr.

Gatzman, Ralph L

Gay, Arthur C.

Gaynor, Robert G.

Gear, Bill E.

Geegee, John

Geesee, William K.

Geiger, Joseph

Geilert, Herbert P.

Geimer, John R.

Geraghty, Robert J.

Geliski, Paul J.

Genett, William R.

Gentile, Arthur

Gerking, Samuel S.

Ghiz, William

Gibson, Oscar E. Jr.

Giddens, Paul O.

Gilbert, Charles L.

Gilbert, Ernest J.

Gilbert, Thomas D

Gibertson, Donald L.

Gillis, M. Drue

Gilrane, Harry A.

Giovanini, Peter

Girvan, Alexander M.

Glaubitz, Dale A.

Glawson, Jesse J.

Glose, Frank

Godette, Wilfred

Goetz, H. W.

Goldberg, Sydney I.

Goldstein, Edward J.

Goldstein, Harry

Gonzales, Joseph

Good, William H.

Goodson, Walter N.

Goodwin, Carroll I, Jr

Gordon, James

Gore, Edward H.

Gorsuch, William E.

Goss, Hubert A.

Goss, Jack M.

Gotchka, James N.

Gotshall, Walter L.

Graber, Harvey H.

Graff, Ray B.

Graham, Herbert H.

Graham, Warran T.

Graham, Wm. T.

Grammont, Arthur D.

Grant, Henry W.

Graves, Glenn W.

Gray, Furman E.

Gray, John

Green, George W.

Green, James C. Jr.

Green, Royal A.

Greenfield, Ralph L.

Gregory, Glenn D.

Gregson, Alvin E.

Grey, Frank

Griffin, Braden C.

Griffin, Charles J.

Griffin, Powell E.

Griffith, Wilmer D.

Grimm, Raymond M.

Grimmer, Joseph

Grinstein, Sidney c.

Grobschmidt, Gilbert J.

Groff, G. Robert

Gross, Joseph

Grothues, Alphonse B.

Grover, Gifford E.

Guardino, Frank L.

Guardino, Frank L.

Guhr, Delbert E.

Guler, James R.

Gunther, Robert J.

Guros, John P.

Gursky, Michael A.

Gustafson, Edward J.

Guy, Jack M.




Haag, Thomas B.

Hackworth, Richard G.

Haddon, Alex W.

Hale, Charles L.

Hall, Clarence J.

Hall, Earl E.

Hall, Harry A.

Hall, Jarvis

Hall, Sidney V.

Halm, Frank H.

Halverson, K. M.

Hambrecht, Richard A.

Hamilton, James H.

Hamer, Marshall S.

Hamil, Hartis P. Jr.

Hamling, George, A.

Hamlin, Eddie E.

Hancock, John W.

Hannon, Val R.

Hansen, Donald E.

Hansen, Robert J.

Happold, Donald D.

Hardacre, Charles F.

Hare, Robert W.

Harker, Ernest K.

Harpin, Charles C.

Harriger, Howard E

Harrington, Jack M.

Harrington, William

Harris, Melvin C.

Harris, D.

Harris, Jack R.

Hart, Dean H.

Hartline, Cleo J.

Hartnett, Charles H.

Hartt, Frederick B.

Harwell, Francis M.

Harwood, Raymond

Hastie, Dana W.

Hasty, Wesley

Hatch, Russell E.

Haugen, Olafe

Haught, Ralph E.

Hauskins, Thomas

Havlas, Lionel W.

Hawkins, Joe M.

Hawthore, Frederick M.

Hayes, Donald L.

Hayes, Henry G.

Hayes, Paul D.

Hays, Paul D.

Hazara, Michael

Head, Henderson H.

Hearn, Thomas G.

Hearne, Allie P.

Heater, Edwin A.

Heck, Charles M.

Hedberg, John K.

Hedrick, John H.

Heide, Chester Jr.

Heilman, Marion O.

Heid, Alfred D.

Heimer, Jerome J.

Hemmick, Ralph E.

Hemminger, Donald C.

Henderon, Ernest H.

Hendrix, Harland J.

Henley, James T.

Hennis, David E.

Henrickson, Robert M.

Henry, Harry L.

Herald, Charlie F

Hermance, Paul J.

Herriman, George E.

Herwig, Raymond L.

Herzog, Vincent C.

Hess, Francis J.

Hester, John G.

Hewett, George W.

Heyburn, Alexander

Hibbert, Melvin G.

Higbe, William W.

Hieatt, Paul C.

Higginbothom, William

Highsmith, William P.

Hilgert, Merle O.

Hill, James R.

Hill, John W.

Hill, Johnie H.

Hill, Joseph E.

Hilliard, Hilton G.

Himmelfarb, Louis

Hinman, Howard D.

Hitchcock, Wayne P.

Hitower, James T

Hitzeroth, Franklin C.

Hobbs, Clyde W.

Hobbs, Everett L.

Hobbs, Jakey F.

Hobbs, James A.

Hodgins, George T.

Hoegh, Robert H.

Hoehn, Henry L.

Hoffman, Horace H.

Hoklin, Leif H.

Holbrook, Melvin B.

Holcomb, Horace N.

Holinka, Michael

Holliday, Cecil S.

Holliman, James R.

Holloway, Seward S.

Holt, Frederick

Homer, Eddie D.

Honeyman, Ronald D.

Hook, Jack F.

Hooker, Daniel E.

Hooper, James E.

Hoover, Russell B.

Horey, Elmer N.

Hornstra, Raymond

Horstmann, Sylvester L.

Horton, Edward H.

Horvath, Robert J.

Hoskins, Herman

Hottenstein, Raymond F.

Houchens, Mason E.

House, Robert

Howard, Everett A.

Howard, William E.

Howell, John F.

Howze, Clarence M.

Hrenkevich, Andrew

Huber, Charles L.

Huddle, Donald R.

Hudson, Henry Jr.

Huebner, William H. Jr.

Hufford, Reed A.

Hughbanks, Arthur E.

Hughes, John M.

Hughes, Robert E.

Hulsey, Marvin J.

Hunke, Harold A.

Hupp, Doral

Hurst, Dero M.

Hustus, Walter L.

Hutchins, Dalton R.

Hutchinson, Frederick E.

Hummel, Wilber F.

Hyatt, Jack B.

Hyk, John




Igou, William F.

Intoccia, Victor

Irons, Donald E.

Irvin, Benjamin B.

Isaacs, Louis C.

Italiano, Robert W.

Ivey, John R.




Jackson, Harold E.

Jacobs, Paul C.

Jacobson, Edward F.

Jacoby, Vincent J.

James, Dan Q.

James, Harvey F.

Janesik, Stanley R.

Janilczek, John J.

Janos, George A.

Jarazemski, Joseph

Jarrell, William

Jastrzemski, Walter F.

Jehlen, William C.

Jensen, Donald

Joh, Manford I.

Johns, Carrol

Johnson, Deryl

Johnson, Deward F.

Johnson, Earl B.

Johnson, Fred W.

Johnson, George A.

Johnson, George F.

Johnson, George R.

Johnson, Herbert E.

Johnson, Irwan A.

Johnson, Johnie N. Jr.

Johnson, J. Frank

Johnson, Johannes H.

Johnson, Lloyd E.

Johnson, Robert D.

Johnson, Thomas E.

Johnson, Tom

Johnson, Walter

Jones, Arthur A.

Jones, Ernest H.

Jones, John D.

Jones, Kenneth L.

Jones, Marion E.

Jones, Onzie K.

Jones, Robert G.

Jones, Willie C.

Jones, William L.

Jones, William R. L.

Jordan, Wilbur M.

Joseph, Pierre

Joyce, Thomas

Judd, Arthur W.

Jumper, Warren H.

Junkin, Clayton H.

Jungwirth, Arthur R.




Kaech, Delmar E.

Kaell, Walter A.

Kahler, Clayton H.

Kahler, James R.

Kalupy, Anthony A.

Kalz, Frank W.

Kane, Father Stephan

Kapral, Bernard

Kardos, Louis J.

Karns, Floyd J.

Kasch, Robert N.

Kase, Edward C.

Kaufman, Owen M.

Kay, Keith E.

Kazierod, Eugene A.

Kearn, John E.

Keathley, Edward

Keber, Joseph G.

Keck, Milton F.

Keegan, John J.

Keesler, Leland

Kegg, Robert I.

Keller, Louie H.

Kelley, Frank

Kelley, John F.

Kelley John R.

Kellogg, Allen P.

Kelly, George H.

Kelly, Homer C.

Kelly, John L.

Kelly, Leo J.

Kelly, Thomas

Kendall, George J.

Kennedy, Harold E.

Kennedy, J. Daniel

Kennedy, Robert L.

Kent, Park V.

Kern, Edgar A. Jr.

Kern, Richard L.

Kessinger, Leonard H. Jr.

Khoury, Michael

Kindle, Charles F. J.

King, Bedford B.

King, Charles W.

King, George H.

King, Joseph J.

King, William

Kingdon, James A.

Kirkpatrick, Robert L.

Kirnan, Fred J.

Kiser, William W.

Kittleson, Wayne

Kingland, James D.

Kinney, Rolland J.

Kish, George

Kithcart, William H.

Kittleson, Wayne A

Kizer, Benjamin W.

Kleppin, Roland R.

Klimp, Thomas H. Sr.

Klump, Delbert W.

Knapp, Lloyd F. Jr.

Knechtle, Harold F.

Knickerbocker, Lew D.

Knight, Paul D.

Knightly, William J. Jr.

Knoll, Robert S.

Knotts, Loyes H.

Knower Edward

Knudsen, Elmer t.

Knudson, Lester E.

Knutson, James L.

Koch, Frank

Koehl, George R.

Koehler, Robert R.

Koetter, Jack W.

Kohler, Gordon H.

Kolbet, Edward C.

Kootz, James G.

Koren, Louis J.

Koski, Veikko J.

Kosse, Russell J.

Kosturko, George L.

Kozier, Henry J.

Kozlowski, Joseph J.

Koznac, Rudolph J.

Kracium, Eugene J.

Kraft, Lloyd C.

Krager, Robert R.

Kramer, Alton W.

Kramer, Ralph E.

Krejci, John J

Krumholz, Robert A.

Krupinski, John

Krushas, Vitold

Kuczynski, Walter r.

Kudla, Steve A.

Kukurin, Karl E.

Kunis, Theodore C.

Kurk, Lester J.

Kurtenbach, Kenneth J.

Kusluch, Larry

Kusmano, Samuel

Kwasny, Matthew S.




Labushewicz, Joseph

Ladage, Charles D.

Lahm, William K.

Lala, Vincent P. Jr.

Lally, Joseph A.

Lamb, Billy J.

Lamb, Constatine

Lambert, Aloysius

Landers, Joseph W.

Landry, Warren J.

Laney, Lee R.

Lang, Frank E.

Langford, Joe M.

Lanning, Eugene A.

Lapointe, Edward

Lapp, Eldon r.

LaRubic, George J.

Larusso, Anthony

Latta, George A.

Lauters, Raymond D.

Lawhorn, Glenn J.

Lazek, Aleck A.

Leaper, Joseph M.

LeBlanc, albert A.

Lee, Arthur E.

Lee, David S.

Lee, Frank V.

Lee, George R.

Lee, Harold O.

Lee, Robert E. (KY)

Lee, Robert E. (TX)

Leen, John G.

Legge, Henry R.

LeGrande, Walter M.

Lehmann, Clarence R.

Leib, Raymond W.

Lemischak, Joseph

Lenz, John W.

Leonhard, Robert P.

Lephley, Edward M.

Lepore, Dominic                                                                                                                                                         

Lesatz, Francis M.

Leslie, Charles H.

Levin, Bernard L.

Levin, Howard

Levine, Murray

Levy, Eugene H.

Levy, Lester J.

Lewis, Charles E.

Lewis, Ernest R.

Lewis, Gordon F.

Lewis, Lowell R.

Lewis Richard H.

Lewis, Robert P.

Libby, Orville E.

Lieberman, Abraham Roke

Lien, Clarence

Lillicotch, Elmer P.

Lindenmeyer, William E.

Lindholm, Elmer F.

Linebaugh, Dale E.

Lippincott, Spencer H.

Lis, Edward A.

Lisenby, Lennon c.

Lisk, Lloyd L.

Liss, Michael

Little, Troy

Litzo, Raymond

Livesay, Ben E.

Lloyd, James W.

Lobato, Alcario  J.

Lochen, Louis a.

Lockling, Robert W.

Loehrer, Arthur T.

Logan, Aychmonde R.

Logan, Malcolm H.

Long, Harold F.

Long, Walter L.

Lott, Milton L.

Loubet, Paul R.

Lovin, John E.

Lovos, Lawrence C.

Lowe, Winston E.

Lucas, Jack

Luca, William C.

Luce, Clarence J.

Luse, Donald E.

Lux, Charles H.

Lyke, Richard

Lynch, Donald

Lynes, Earl S.





Mable, Robert A.

Macay, John C.

Madarchik, Michael

Madison, Clarence

Maeran, Kenneth

Maggia, Edmond A.

Mahan, Robert C.

Mahaney, Francis X.

Mahin, George J. Jr.

Mahne, Emil J.

Mahood, Kenneth F.

Maki, William E.

Malavasi, Nello O.

Malavisic, Anthony F.

Maloney, Wayne L.

Maloy, Joe B. Jr.

Mancuso, Frank C. Jr.

Maney, Warren G.

Manko, William

Manley, Raymond J. Sr.

Mann, Julius D. Sr.

Mantor, Ralph A.

Marallo, Joseph J.

Marasco, O. James

Marchwinski, Joseph V.

Marling, George

Marlow, Clarence R.

Marnell, Patrick A.

Marquis, Wesley W.

Marr, John F.

Marsack, Charles E.

Marsh, James D.

Martin, Charles D.

Martin, Charles M.

Martin, Charles W.

Martin, Chester A.

Martin, Clarence E.

Martin, Coy D.

Martin, Edward L.

Martin, James E.

Martin, Raymond W.

Martin, Walter E.

Martini, Attilio

Marvin, Howard

Marvin, Howard

Maschke, Joseph W.

Mason, Earl S.

Massey, Frederick K.

Mast, Thomas W.

Masters, William H.

Masterson, Otho E.

Maston, Thomas T.

Mastroberardino, Joseph

Matlock, Hubert W.

Matthe, Gerold L.

Matthews, Allen T.

Matton, William E.

Matukonis, Joseph

Mauceri, Anthony

Maupin, William S.

Mavity, William H.

Maxa, Neil

May, Ralph T.

Mayer, Theodore

Mayo, Edward W.

Maynard, Henry H.

McAdams, Robert C.

McAlister, John H.

McAlister, Norton S.

McAllister, Roderick H.

McBean, Reginald G.

McBride, James P.

McCabe, Kenneth C.

McCain, Earl F.

McCalicher, Robert L.

McCall, Peter

McCally, William E.

McClenan, George J.

McClintock, Russell E.

McCloud, Merlin S.

McClure, Donald K.

McClure, Joseph

McConnell, Warran, E.

McCormick, David H.

McCormick, Glen S.

McCraken, Grant G.

McCue, Miles J.

McCusker, James A.

McDermott, Walter T.

McDonald, Thomas P. J.

McDonald, Thomas R.

McDonnell, Arthur P.

McDowell, Gerald E.

McFadden, Warren G.

McFeely, Hershel N.

McGavack, Harold C.

McGee, Kenneth L.

McGinty, Francis R.

McGovern, James R.

McGuire, George O.

McGuire, Kelly M.

McIlwain, James X.

McIntosh, Felix W.

McKagan, Azzan C.

McKay, William A.

McKeage, Robert J.

McKee, Jack H.

McKee, Lee A.

Mckee, William E.

McKeegan, Robert T.

McKenzie, R.V.

McKenna, John C.

McKenzie, James

McKenzie, Wray V.

MCLaren, Ralph E

McLellan, John J.

McLaughlin, Charles D.

McMahon, Howard

McMann, Ray H.

McManus, George J.

McMenamin, Victor A.

McNatt, Lewis E.

McNeely, Robert M.

McQuality, Robert E.

McQuarrie, Willard H.

McRary, Wade S.

McVey, Carl H.

McWilliams, Owen E.

Meade, Cloren A.

Medford, Howard

Medico, Russell

Meeks, Ralph W.

Meeson, Elmer E.

Meinhardt, Clarence E.

Meinke, Harvey H.

Melchiondo, Charles J.

Melia, Paul S.

Merrifield, Morris H.

Metcalf, Arnold B. Jr.

Metcalf, John E.

Metthe, Gerold D.

Metz, Joseph J.

Metzger, Thomas E.

Meyer, Mark A.

Meyers, Leo F.

Michell, Steven D.

Mickelson, Jerome W.

Miksic, Joseph

Milak, Paul

Miller, Charles

Miller, Donald V.

Miller, George D.

Miller Gordon B.

Miller, Harvey M.

Miller, Norris C.

Mills, Elmer W.

Minetta, Charles E.

Misarko, John R.

Mitchel, Eugene V.

Mitchel, Robert B.

Mitchell, William G.

Mixon, Charles C.

Mock, Ezra R.

Moffett, Ralph P.

Moffitt, John H.

MollenKamp, Thomas A.

Monahan, John

Moncilovic, Ernest

Mondragon, Robert

Montagna, Dominic

Montana, James F.

Moody, Eugene R.

Moon, Donald F.

Mooney, Francis A.

Mooney, William E.

Moore, Chester T.

Moore, Fred B.

Moore, Harold E.

Moore, John

Moore, Matthew G.

Moore, Oral

Moran, Francis R.

Moran, John P.

Moran, R.

Mordarski, Edwin S.

Moreau, Joseph L. H.

Morgan, Lark C.

Morgan, Leslie D.

Morgan, Robert L

Morgan, Terry E.

Morris, Cleon G.

Morrison, Thomas

Murchison, Ralph V.

Morse, Cassius

Morse, Dana E.

Mott, Charles J.

Moulton, John H.

Muir, Earnest

Mullins, John W.

Mumaw, Robert G.

Murphey, William F.

Murray, Charles F.

Murray, Peter

Murray, Robert L.

Murray, William B.

Murray, William H.

Murtha, John T.

Musik, Andrew J.

Musum, Arnold B.





Nahan, Robert C.

Natvig, Orio G.

Naumann, Alvin E.

Neal, James A.

Nealon, Walter K.

Neely, Rex J.

Neeson, Elmer E.

Neill, John B.

Nelson, Rodney C.

Nemchick, John

Neumann, Harold J.

Newcomb, Fred

Newman, Angus L.

Newman, Carl A.

Newton, James M.

Nichols, Edward H.

Nicklin, Dennis

Noe, AlexanderP.

Nolen, Stanley G.

Nolin, Albert E.

Noll, Gordon E.

Noll, Robert W.

Nolsat, Pierre L. Jr.

Noonan, Maurice

Norman, Dwight A.

Norman, Gerald L.

Norris, Donald H.

Norris, Howard B.

Norris, Russell K. Jr.

Northey, Franklin E.

Norton, Daniel J.

Norton, James W.

Nosal, John A

Novak, Harold J.

Novelli, Anthony J.

Nowotny, Walter

Noyes, Keith R.



Oakberg, Harlan C.

O’Brien, Leonard H.

O’Connell, Lincoln T.

Ochs, Leon C.

Oettinger, Frank

Offley, Bernard

Ognan, Walter R.

O’Hara, Robert

Oliver, Dallas P.

Olsen, Erling A.

Olson, Oscar A.

Olson, Vernon E

Oltman, Raymond C.

Olson, George A

O’Neil, James F.

O’Neill, Hubert F.

Ong, Phil W.

Orchino, Albert

Ordez, Armondo N.

Orear, David P.

Orin, George H.

Osborne, James F.

Osborne, Robert J.

Oschman, William S.

Otfinoski, Julius K.




Pacella, James V.

Pace, Harold G.

Pacheco, Manuel W.

Pagano, Joseph J.

Page, Claude W.

Page, Hunter P.

Palmer, Jack C.

Palmer, John T. Jr.

Parker, Joel

Parker, Peter F.

Parks, John C.

Parris, James H. Jr.

Parsley, Francis

Partington, Milton R.

Patterson, Robert A.

Patterson, Thomas W.

Patton, H. C.

Paul, Robert M.

Paulin, Leo J.

Paulsen, Walter

Pavillard, W. J. Sr.

Pawlesh, Walter

Pax, Eugene A.

Payne, Clarence E. Sr.

Payne, Troy E.

Peach, Albert E.

Pearce, Edwin A.

Pearce, Robert T.

Pearsall, Lloyd

Pedersen, Fred M.

Peek, Howard D.

Peklinsky, Anthony J.

Pelcher, D. Fred

Penick, Eugene W.

Penland, Harold S.

Perez, Frank

Petercsak, Julius S.

Peters, John R.

Peterson, Roger N.

Petrochelos, George


Petrosky, Chester

Pfeifer, Raymond E.

Phelpher, Ben R.

Phiger, Norris R.

Phillips, William H.

Phillips, William J.

Phillips, Jewel W.

Pile, Roy I.

Pilkington, Reese O.

Pinley, David

Piper, Charles

Pipkin, Robert D.

Pitzo, Mike

Plakut, Joseph P.

Pleasant, James H.

Plyer, Harry W.

Podbielski, Frank J.

Poknis, Paul A.

Polliard, Howard

Polvado, Robert L

Pope, Howard W.

Porakis, James

Porath, Earl I.

Porter, Jack W.

Porter, James S.

Potter, Carl L.

Powers, Harry D.

Powers, Joseph E.

Powers, William F.

Preston, Lawrence L.

Prian, Joseph C.

Price, Donald E.

Principe, Constantino

Pringey, Wayne W.

Procyczyn, Walter

Profitt, Frank

Prout, James H.

Prudhomme, Elroy J.

Prugh, Lee A.

Pryzmenski, Joseph

Pugliese, Enrico C.

Purcell, Albert N.

Pursch, Warren I.

Purser, William R.

Puryear, Roy A.

Putman, Charles F.



Quandt, Lester D.

Queener, Robert

Quenten, Raymond P.

Quinlivan, Leo F.

Quinten, Raymond O.





Rabent, Raymond J.

Radanovic, Joseph I.

Rademacher, Leon H.

Ragland, James L.

Rains, Woodrow W.

Rambert, Russell R.

Ramsey, David V.

Randall, John L.

Randall, Robert P.

Randoe, Robert T.

Randolph, Thomas B.

Rangold, David C.

Rasco, Hershel T.

Rasdall, Richard K.

Rasmussen, Gilbert L.

Ray, Jean E “John”

Raynor, James L.

Raendeau, Lawrence J.

Ready, James C.

Reardon, Patrick M.

Reddy, Hugh D.

Reese, Gordon C.

Reese, Jerome E.

Regan, John J.

Reggie, John J.

Reinbold, Joseph A.

Reno, Jesse W

Rentz, Frederick J.

Repp, Ross L.

Resnicoff, Bernard

Reynard, George

Rhodes, William C.

Rich, Donald C.

Rickett, Waldo L.

Riddle, Lloyd G.

Ridgley, Harold B.

Rieman, George C.

Rigdon, Charles C.

Ripley, Elmer M.

Ristau, Raymond J.

Robel, Robert G.

Roberto, Anthony J.

Roberts, Alvin W.

Roberts, William K.

Robertson, Jack Jr.

Robichau, George

Robinson, Charles E.

Robinson, George W.

Roc, Frederick V.

Roche, Joseph M.

Rock, Frederick W.

Rodemer, Lloyd E.

Rodgers, James W.

Roeder, Helmuth V.

Roeder, Robert R.

Rogers, Eli C.

Rogers, Lloyd E.

Rogers, William A.

Rogowski, John F.

Rollins, Maynard B.

Roman, Joseph T.

Romero, Mario

Rosenberg, Duke

Ross, Harold J.

Ross, Jack R.

Ross, James H

Ross, John D.

Ross, William

Roth, John L.

Rousch, Harold

Rouse, James F.

Roy, Willis P.

Rudberg, Harry C.

Ruggles, Donald

Rukas, Albert J.

Rule, Gilbert S.

Rutan, Donald

Rutledge, Lonnie B.

Ryals, Randall B.

Ryan, Thomas P.




Sable, Roy A.

Sacco, Sam

Saccomanno, Anthony

Saccomanno, George

Sadler, Robert J.

Sailor, Charles J.

Sanchez, Jose B.

Sanders, William L.

Santos, Earl E.

Sapperstein, Harry

Sarpolus, Peter G.

Saunders, Floyd E.

Savage, James E.

Sawyer, William N.

Sayan, Russell D.

Sayles, Kenneth C.

Scarbrough, Clyde

Schatzau, Paul F.

Schinker, Arthur W.

Schleis, Peter G.

Schlosser, Albert A.

Schnalzer, John J.

Scholl, James J.

Schonberger, John R.

Schrader, Billy H.

Schrum, Bob M.

Schultz, Harold H.

Schultz, Ivon J.

Schwab, Donald E.

Schwab, Lester E.

Schwantes, David, H.

Schwartz, James P.

Schwartz, Edward S.

Schwegel, William

Schwermer, Milton C.

Sconbry, Russell

Scorsune, Frank G.

Scott, Walter E.

Scurlock, Bayne P.

Seabloom, Arthur D.

Sebastian, Walter J.

Sebeck, Eugene A. Sr.

Secor, Harold S.

Seguin, August J.

Seldin, Milton

Sell, Raymond C.

Seller, Leon

Senecal, Richard E.

Seth, Harry C. Jr.

Settlemyre, James W.

Severson, Leo R.

Sewald, Albert E.

Sewall, Calvin J.

Sexton, Edward J.

Sexton, Winton K.

Seyfried, Warren C.

Seymore, Basil W.

Shade, William J.

Shannahan, Eugene J.

Sharman, David C.

Sharp, Charles E.

Sharpe, Edward C.

Shattuck, Chester E.

Shaw, Francis L.

Sheahan, Harold R.

Shelby, Joseph F.

Shephers, Jack P.

Sherman, Donald S.

Sherratt, William E

Shewchuk, Alex E.

Shewey, Roy

Shilo, Arthur “Chief”

Shockley, Karl F.

Shores, Merton H.

Siavage, Roert A.

Sides, James M. Jr.

Siegel, Oscar M.

Silva, Carlos J.

Simonds, James H.

Simon, Whitney

Simpson,  Eugene

Simpson, William C.

Sims, Roland C,

Sisul, John T.

Skarenski, John

Skripka, Peter P.

Skumanick, Steve

Slagowski, Clyde L.

Slominsky, Raymond

Slusser, Walter C.

Small, Fred L.

Smeltzer, Warren L.

Smiley, Reamond C.

Smith, Barden G.

Smith, Elwin C.

Smith, Guy A.

Smith, Harold E.

Smith, John J.

Smith, Lionel

Smith, Linsfield B.

Smith, Nelson E.

Smith, Perry K.

Smith, Richard W.

Smith, Riker K.

Smith, Thomas J.

Smith, Thurmond

Snavely, Fred A.

Sneed, Fred A.

Snow, Bernard E.

Snyder, George D.

Snyder, Nathan B.

Soderstrom, Melvin A.

Solsberg, George

Sooy, Harry B.

Soper, Joseph

Sortino, Louis C.

Sovia, Vernon A.

Sowell, Walter F.

Spadafora, Alfred

Spann, Earl R.

Sparrow, Lewis F.

Spayd, Frank E. Jr.

Spencer, John S.

Spencer, Maynard

Spicher, Raymond

Spiga, Joseph, Jr.

Spirito, Carl F.

Spiro, Joseph M.

Spitzfaden, Robert E.

Sprague, Donald E.

Springfield, Eugene F.

Stafford, James F.

Stahlke, Edward

Stalmaker, Harold L.

Stamas, James J.

Standlee, Jim F.

Standley, Maynard B.

Stankus, Felix

Stanley, Louis E.

Stark, Harold

Starkey, Clifford F.

Statler, Glen W.

Stegbauer, Frank

Stein, Jacob

Steliga, Joseph S.

Stelzer, James B.

Stensrud, Edward C.

Stephens, Norman

Stephens, Thomas, A.

Stephenson, Charles F.

Steres, Benjamin

Stevens, Floyd L.

Stevens, Roy L.

Stevenson, Edgar L.

Stevenson, Robert L.

Stevenson,  Ruel L.

Stewart, Carl

Stierstorfer, Linnie C.


Stiles, James O.

Stiles, Peter F.

Stockunas, Felix

Stofard, David L.

Stokes, Edward V.

Stone, Earl L.

Stone, James S.

Stoneburner, James O.

Stoner, Wiliam P.

Stout, Wiliam B.

Strang, Clifford E

Strange, James T.

Stratton, Gerald E.

Straw, Lewis W.

Stringfelow, Thorton

Stropes, Hoyt W.

Strout, Glendon C.

Struckhoff, Virgil A

Struhar, August.

Stuart, Edgar

Stuart, Edgar M.

Stupar, William J.

Suchy, Albert L.

Sullivan, B. F.

Sullivan, Robert

Sumlin, Thomas E.

Summers, Virgil V.

Sunderlin, Joseph R.

Surratt, W. B.

Suss, Joseph M.

Sutton, Bernard J.

Swackhamer, Edward A.

Swanson, Arnold J.

Swanson, Milton F.

Swegle, William S.

Swidergal, Henry J.

Swift, Gerald, E. F.


Swindler, Robert H.

Swope, Alonzo, Jr.

Sykes, John M.

Sylvester, Anthony A.



Tarbel, Ray C.

Tatman, Joseph C.

Taylor, Alvin

Taylor, Lyle

Taylor, Ronald J.

Teaford, Everett K.

Teaque, Richard W.

Tees, David V.

Tenesson, H. Gunnar

Tennyson, Halvor L.

Terroux, Kenneth A.

Terry, Lester

Tharp, Harold F.

Thayer, Richard L.

Thomas, John F.

Thomas, Lloyd H.

Thomas, Robert M.

Thomas, Warren D.

Thomasson, Edward A.

Thompson, Grady D.

Thompson, Joseph J.

Thompson, Robert L.

Thompson, Louis R.

Thomley, Howard R.

Thornton, Edmund R.

Thornton, James H.

Threatt, William L. Jr.

Threet, Elmer E.

Thurman, Jack                                                                               

Tobias, Eugene W.

Todd, Deane O.


Todd, Raymond E.

Togel, Walter E.

Tomasko, Paul M.

Tomek, Ralph J.

Tomich, Paul S.

Tonon, John P.

Torresm Andres

Totz, Donald C.

Townsend, John W.

Tracy, William G.

Tragellis, Gregory S.

Tramer, Otto F.

Trautmann, John W.

Travinek, Charles A.

Trent, Kenneth W.

Trest, James G.

Tubby, Edgar L.

Tucker, Gordon E,

Tucker, Harry W.

Tucker, Sam H. Jr.

Tucker, Stanley H.

Turner, Ira G.

Turner, John H.

Turner, John M.

Turner, John S.

Turner, Lee

Tushka, Herman

Tye, Robert E.

Tyler, James C.



Unsell, D. Baker

Upton, Douglas J.

Urban, Wheeler V.

Upchurch, Carl H.

Utley, Virgil H.



Vaccaro, Stanley

Vaciotti, Video

Valcour, Albert R.

Valonis, Edmund J.

VanBooven, Donald W.

VanBuren, Clyde E.

Vance, Ellis H.

Vander, George N.

Vandergriff, Robert A.

VanPelt, Albert

VanRohr, Sylvan

VanValkenburg, Edgar

VanWagner, William O.

Varner, Lee A.

Vaughan, James T.

Vender, George

Verkowitz, Fred J.

Veronick, Joseph J.

Verteville, Robert J.

Victor, Julian A.

Victory, Luther D.

Viviano, August J.

Vodilko, Michael J.

Vogt, George A.

VonRohr, Sylvan R

Vreeland, John




Waddle, Robert T. Sr.

Wade, G. S.

Wagner, Fred S.

Waizeneger, Frank E.

Walancus, Frank A.

Waldram, Don


Walker, Fred

Walker, Louie

Walker, Mickey

Walker, Van L.

Walker, Willis C.

Wallace, Irving G.

Wallace, Lloyd, W.

Walls, John H.

Walsh, Patrick

Walsh, Paul M.

Walter, Ira J.

Walters, Ivan F.

Walther, Joseph

Wamsley, Theil

Wandke, Gilbert

Ward, Jack J.

Ward, James H.

Warden, August F.

Warren, Henry E.

Warren, William H.

Warren, William L.

Waters, Daniel W.

Watkins, James A.

Watkins, Robert J.

Watts, Wallace C. Jr.

Wazevich, William

Weathersby, John H.

Weaver, Tyre C. Jr.

Webb, Raby O.

Webster, Robert L.

Weidman, Ralph

Weintraub, Harry J.

Weiser, Fred P.

Weiss, Joseph V.

Weiss, William J.

Welch, Paul G.


Welch, Robert H.

Wells, Raymond E.

Wenninghoff, John B,

Werbanec, George F.

Wesche, Christopher P.

Wesner, Frank J

Wesson, Thomas G. Jr.

West, Hal E.

West, John J.

Westall, Frank M.

Westlake, Albert F.

Westmoreland, Dan E.

Weston, Robert S.

Whaples, Verial E.

Wheeler, Kenneth W.

Wheeler, Tom B.

Whitcomb, William A.

White, Alan V.

White, Cedric A.

White, Elmo E.

White, James D.

White, Joseph M.

Whitfield, John B.

Whitford, Stuart D.

Whitley, John J.

Whitley, William D.

Whitlock, Richard E.

Whittaker, Francis W.

Whitworth, John L.

Wiatrak, Joseph S.

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