VA Hospitals:
Fair Game for the Press – Great for Veterans
By Roy Livingstone

          Newspapers provide a great service, but every once in a while I get a little upset when I read an article about another Veteran receiving poor treatment at one of our of our VA Hospitals. Seldom do I read complaints about private hospitals. It seems a little unfair. Are they trying to lead us to believe the private hospitals don’t make mistakes? Come on.

          When I saw one of those headlines criticizing the VA on the front page of my morning newspaper, I threw it across the room - almost hit the dog - he yelped - my wife spilled her coffee all over our breakfast. By the time I apologized, and picked up the mess, “Mikey” had gobbled up my breakfast. He was the only friend I had in the house - he never misses a chance for people food.

           Hold the press!  A short time ago, I received a message from our publisher telling me some exciting news! I had 50 minutes to finish and send this article…

          Most people are not aware that the VA does a great deal of Medical Research that is shared with Universities, and hospitals. The latest news from the New Haven, CT VA – although we have seen nothing about it in the papers – is that the VA has some exciting news about helping Macular Degeneration patients. In fact, we understand that the VA is planning to open several more Training Centers at other VAMC around the country.
          The September issue of the official AXPOW magazine has published an article 
written by a former prisoner of war who was recently a patient at one of the VA training centers. It’s well worth the read.               
          I have been going to the VA for more than 60 years as well as my father before me. My wife has “ChampVA,” probably the best supplement the wife or widow of a veteran with 100% disability can have. So conduct some research before you pay too much attention to the negative reports in your local newspapers.  In my opinion the VA is the veterans’ best friend.